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Welcome to the PC Help Blog. PC-Help is a small business in Hurst TX.

PC-HELP is a private locally owned and operated business that provides jobs and pays taxes in the areas we serve. Our number one goal for our customers is to provide an excellent service at a fair price. We don’t claim to be the cheapest but we do strive to be the best.

Our goals are to give the best customer experience we can by employing the most knowledgeable and friendliest technicians around. We want you to leave our store with a smile on your face and a smooth running computer in your hands.

Our primary goal is your satisfaction.

PC-Help opened for business in 2005. We have been serving Hurst and the surrounding North Tarrant County Community ever since. Over the years we have expanded and contracted having stores in Keller, Colleyville, Grapevine, North Richland Hills, Euless, and Bedford but those other stores are all gone now as we focus solely on the Hurst location.

PC-Help‘s Main business is computer repair. We repair laptops, desktops, tablets, phone, all in one’s, Server’s, NAS devices, just about anything. Over the years we have repaired the onboard computers in RV’s, GPSes and specially systems that grind prescription glasses.

PC-Help also Builds Computers. Our philosophy is that we will build anything you want and your budget can support. Most of the major companies that only exist online have an online configurator that severely limits your options. We don’t do that. Every computer we build is different from every other computer we build. We aren’t mass producing so called custom computers we are actually building custom computers to order. Our build times are usually closer to a week than a month like the online builders and that’s before they have to ship it to you. Since we are in DFW and we only serve the DFW area we have lots of options for getting it to you and if you come into the store to pick it up you can shake the hand of the man that built it for you.

PC-Help does Media Conversions and Photo Scanning. Your memories are precious and worth preserving aren’t they? Traditional film, pictures, and music degrade over time and you may lose the things you hold dear if they are not “backed up”. It is time to take those memories and convert them a digital media so they can last forever. We do VHS to DVD to Digital storage. We do 8MM to DVD or Digital Storage in high resolution 1080p your reels will never look better. We do super 8 to DVD or digital storage in high resolution 1080p your reels will never look better. We do VHS-C to DVD or Digital Storage. We do mini-DV to DVD or digital storage. We have converted audio and video reels that no one has been able to listen to in over 50 years allowing our special customers to hear and see things they thought they never would again.

PC-Help does Data Recovery too. We know that the data on the devices can be far more valuable than the devices they are stored on. Because of that we always recommend that data be backed up in at least 2 places and not in the same location. An extra hard drive as well as an online cloud backup for anything that is truly important is highly recommended. When you don’t have a backup or that backup fails you when you need it PC-Help is still here for you. We offer data recovery of any device that we have ever seen that stores data. Pictures of scenes that will never come again. Movies that are original creations. Old tax returns for that upcoming audit. Your company’s financial records and work you have done for clients. It’s all important, you want it and need it. When you have lost your data and need a helping hand the knowledgeable friendly experts at PC-Help will be ready to help you.

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